Negative/Negation Sign

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Fri Oct 28 15:56:21 CDT 2022

The appearance of a symbol in some device does not really mean something
that should be relevant to Unicode. It is not an element of text but a
graphic symbol in a particular technical environment.

It is not even clear which symbol you are referring to. In any case. if you
wanted to suggest that some symbol be encoded as a Unicode character, you
would need to demonstrate its use in texts (or, stretching a lot, the need
for using it in texts) and its essence as a separate character rather than
a typographic or stylistic variant of an existing character.


pe 28. lokak. 2022 klo 18.57 Gabriel Tellez via Unicode (
unicode at kirjoitti:

> The negative sign (also known as the negation sign) found on graphing
> calculator sets (such as the Ti-83/84 sets) appears to be absent from
> Unicode. Is there a reason for this?
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