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William_J_G Overington wjgo_10009 at btinternet.com
Tue Mar 15 13:47:14 CDT 2022

It seems to me that the best available possibility is as follows.

Prepare a document and submit it for consideration by The Unicode 
Technical Committee, as follows.


Set out the encoding part, with or without glyphs as you think best, but 
clearly for Tengwar.

Include a note stating that in order to encode, permission needs to be 
obtained from the owners of the intellectual property rights.

Include a section about a motion for the Unicode Technical Committee 
based on my suggestion that is included in the post that is archived as 



Lots of possible reasons why it may not produce the desired result.

1. The idea might be dismissed and possibly ridiculed in this mailing 

2. Maybe nobody actually produces a document.

3. The gatekeeper might not allow the document to be added to the UTC 
Document Register.

4. UTC might decide not to discuss it.

5. UTC might decide in its discussion not to consider the motion.

6. UTC might vote against passing the motion.

7. It might not be possible to find a pen and ink.

8. The Tolkien Estate might choose not to enter into a discussion.

9. The discussion might not lead to a satisfactory agreement.

However, maybe none of those possibilites will happen, and there will be 
a very satisfactory outcome.

And even if the first listed item happens, that need not stop a 
satisfactory result becoming achieved.

It seems to me that the issue is as to whether the effort necessary to 
try to get a result by this method is worth making given that the effort 
may not lead to the desired result, yet it might.

Please bear in mind that in the 1970s I wrote, from home, as an 
individual, to a broadcaster asking if they would broadcast some 
software on a teletext page as an experiment, even though there was at 
the time no equipment upon which to run the software.

They invited me to visit them to discuss the idea. They made the 
broadcast. In time, the invention achieved success. So requests can 
sometimes get an amazingly good result.

In order to make progress one needs to try to achieve. To aim high. Not 
every try succeeds. For example, my idea for a slide rule to multiply 
and divide units never got implemented. Win some lose some.

William Overington

Tuesday 15 March 2022

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