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Karl Pentzlin karl-pentzlin at acssoft.de
Sun Jul 24 15:49:48 CDT 2022

Am Sonntag, 24. Juli 2022 um 00:07 schrieb James Kass via Unicode:

JKvU> In N4127, Karl Pentzlin noted that no effort was made to determine unification with existing characters, even in cases where unification was obvious.

The title of N4127 (L2/11-276) from 2011-07-15 was "Apple Symbol Fonts: A Quick Survey", simply listing the (then) current use on the PUA by Apple. It was definitively not a proposal (alone by the fact that it listed PUA code points), and it was explicitly stated as subject of that document:
“The characters found are listed here without any further interpretation … Especially, no names …  or properties are given, and it is not examined whether they can unified with existing Unicode characters, even for cases where this is obvious.”

This document was intended as a starting point for discussions which of these symbols deserve an encoding or unification in Unicode (after the Wingdings/Webdings discussion which resulted in encodings or unifications for almost all of them), but as apparently there was no interest in such discussions, no subsequent documents besides the Apple comment L2/11-309 (especially no proposals) had followed.

- Karl Pentzlin

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