Hoefler Text Ornaments

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Turns out there is also Bodoni Onaments (a font that I somehow missed)
and Type Embellishments One (a font that isn't on my computer but sounds
like it should be by default?).

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> Am Sonntag, 24. Juli 2022 um 00:07 schrieb James Kass via Unicode:
> JKvU> In N4127, Karl Pentzlin noted that no effort was made to determine
> unification with existing characters, even in cases where unification was
> obvious.
> The title of N4127 (L2/11-276) from 2011-07-15 was "Apple Symbol Fonts: A
> Quick Survey", simply listing the (then) current use on the PUA by Apple.
> It was definitively not a proposal (alone by the fact that it listed PUA
> code points), and it was explicitly stated as subject of that document:
> “The characters found are listed here without any further interpretation …
> Especially, no names …  or properties are given, and it is not examined
> whether they can unified with existing Unicode characters, even for cases
> where this is obvious.”
> This document was intended as a starting point for discussions which of
> these symbols deserve an encoding or unification in Unicode (after the
> Wingdings/Webdings discussion which resulted in encodings or unifications
> for almost all of them), but as apparently there was no interest in such
> discussions, no subsequent documents besides the Apple comment L2/11-309
> (especially no proposals) had followed.
> - Karl Pentzlin
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