Unicode Teaching in Universities

Doug Ewell doug at ewellic.org
Thu Sep 2 12:30:30 CDT 2021

Phake Nick wrote:

> but in recent years I feel like I have hear more about the downside
> of using the Unicode system as a tool developed from early era of
> computing before internet became popular and the use of such system
> to digitalize the entire world's text,

It would be interesting to hear specifically what the "downside" is. Maybe Phake Nick can elaborate, or ask those who are unhappy with Unicode to elaborate.

Does the fact that Unicode was originally developed more than 30 years ago (I guess that's the "early era") bother people? How does "before internet became popular" play into this? A universal character set, free from the context-sensitive character set switching used in the JIS X standards, should be an ideal solution for the Internet.

Are users in Japan still concerned about Japanese characters requiring 3 bytes in UTF-8 as opposed to 2 bytes in the JIS X standards? Does UTF-8's immunity from cross-site scripting attacks not outweigh this for Web purposes?

Do they still want to use out-of-band character-set designators as font selection hints? Are there still objections to CJK unification? And so on.

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