Powerline symbols?

Doug Ewell doug at ewellic.org
Wed Oct 13 12:46:32 CDT 2021

Kent Karlsson wrote:

> It is normal practice to copy text from a terminal emulator window to
> something else: a document (notes, or instructions, or examples), a
> chat, an email. That would include the prompts. Preferably preserving
> the formatting (colour, bold, underline, …) of both prompts and other
> texts (commands (normally not styled other than default) and output
> text, which is often coloured and sometimes have other styling).

It's important to note that this would have to be a rich-text copy and paste, unless the color and styling could be copied and pasted via ECMA-48 sequences.

> The practice of taking image snippets of the terminal emulator window
> is common, but mostly annoying. While it preserves the formatting (in
> a way), often the resolution is too low (having shrunk the image)
> making it hard to read, and… one cannot copy-paste text from an image.


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