Powerline symbols?

Kent Karlsson kent.b.karlsson at bahnhof.se
Wed Oct 13 12:32:19 CDT 2021

> 12 okt. 2021 kl. 02:35 skrev Mark E. Shoulson via Unicode <unicode at corp.unicode.org>:
> But Rick McGowan mentioned to me (off-list) the potential argument someone could raise that status lines don't count as "text" usage, which is a fair point. 

No, no, no. It is normal practice to copy text from a terminal emulator window to something else: a document (notes, or instructions, or examples), a chat, an email. That would include the prompts. Preferably preserving the formatting (colour, bold, underline, …) of both prompts and other texts (commands (normally not styled other than default) and output text, which is often coloured and sometimes have other styling).

The practice of taking image snippets of the terminal emulator window is common, but mostly annoying. While it preserves the formatting (in a way), often the resolution is too low (having shrunk the image) making it hard to read, and… one cannot copy-paste text from an image.

/Kent K

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