Powerline symbols?

Mark E. Shoulson mark at kli.org
Mon Oct 11 18:05:22 CDT 2021

https://readthedocs.org/projects/powerline/downloads/pdf/latest/ may be 
a point of origin, as this is a piece of software actually named 
"Powerline" and dating from a few years ago.  It requires its own 
special fonts (obviously, since the characters aren't encoded), and 
credits Fabrizio Schiavi for the glyphs (which is to say, he drew them, 
not necessarily a claim of copyright or whatever.)  I... guess the only 
thing missing is a proposal?  (Well, and approval of the proposal, of 


On 10/11/21 18:45, Mark E. Shoulson via Unicode wrote:
> The so-called "Powerline symbols" seem to have become practically an 
> industry standard in coding fonts.  At least some of them (the 
> "branch" symbol has become very popular, it seems).  I don't know the 
> source of them, why they're called that, etc; you can google as well 
> as I can (and probably some of you actually already know.) 
> https://awesomeopensource.com/project/ryanoasis/powerline-extra-symbols 
> is a page that showed up in my googling, for example.  Is there a 
> reason _not_ to encode these?  Are they copyrighted or something? Or 
> is it just a matter of needing a proposal?
> ~mark
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