Powerline symbols?

Rebecca Bettencourt beckiergb at gmail.com
Mon Oct 11 18:16:48 CDT 2021

As you (Mark) discovered, the name originates from the piece of software
which first used these characters, called Powerline. It's a plugin for vim,
tmux, bash, i3, and several other environments that adds a fancy status
line to the terminal.

The characters have been proposed before, in document L2/19-068R2. The SAH
recommended encoding three of them (the branch symbol and the row and
column number symbols) but the UTC took no action. I vaguely recall a
recommendation (from the SAH?) for the author, Renzhi Li, to contact the
"Terminals Working Group" (Doug Ewell, me, and a few other individuals) to
work out integrating them into a "round 2" Symbols for Legacy Computing
proposal. We were never contacted by the author but we integrated them into
a "round 2" proposal anyway, with the suggestion to use the same code
points as were recommended by the SAH.

That "round 2" proposal was brought to the UTC but for some reason was
never added to the document register. We had an hour-long meeting in which
the UTC reviewed it and had several concerns that were not resolved within
that hour. The proposal has not progressed further since then.

-- Rebecca Bettencourt
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