Is there an emoji for Thank you

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> > We don't encode emoji for a concept that doesn't have a clear
> > pictorial representation.
> Which explains why we have an emoji for "price tag" but not one for
> "price support", for example.
> But in addition to clearly pictographic emoji (which then get used to
> convey whatever associated connotations folks might connect with them),
> there are many emoji which convey emotions or other affective
> expressions through association with gestures, hand shapes and, of
> course, facial expressions. 😂 That aspect of emoji use constitutes a
> kind of minimal, abstracted sign language for the masses.

Yes, as long as people recognize those emoji and agree on what something

For example, some cultures might associate a "snot bubble" with sleepiness,
but elsewhere people will think someone is sick or crying.

We encode certain pictures that we think people will find useful for a
variety of things. YMMV

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