Canonical Equivalence Clarification/Normalization Generics

Zach Lym zachlym at
Sat Jan 23 21:20:25 CST 2021

I'm kinda a newbie and missed this document [1] before the UTC meeting and
I wanted to continue discussion here.

I am puzzled that people thought NFx, NFKx, and NFxy would be too
confusing, as I found it in casual usage in discussions at the IETF, Linux,
and W3C.  I personally think that it comes quite naturally when
corresponding with others, as it is much shorter to type than
`isCanonicallyEquivalent` and intermixes with NFC/NFD/NFKD/NFKC.

Would there be an isCompatibilityEquivalent as well?  What are the plans
for NFx in UAX15?

Thank you,
-Zach Lym

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