Draft proposal: Old Polish nasal vowel letter

Daniel Buncic daniel.buncic at uni-koeln.de
Mon Jan 4 12:17:42 CST 2021

Am 04.01.2021 um 19:03 schrieb James Kass via Unicode:
> But the practice of issuing fonts with glyphs already mapped to proposed
> characters should be discouraged.  There is no guarantee that the
> requested code points will be the eventual destination of new
> characters.  Which means that data prepared using fonts and input
> methods based on reserved characters might well need to be revised after
> the fact.

Dear James,

I completely agree with that.  I only created the font for the purpose
of this proposal, and I would not encourage anyone to actually use the
character in question before it is officially approved, but I had
assumed that it would be good to already place it in the proposed place
to demonstrate that it works, and I had thought that putting it on my
website would be the easiest way to make it available to the editors.
Do you think I should relocate the letter to the Private Use Area in
this font?

Thanks a lot,


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