Draft proposal: Old Polish nasal vowel letter

James Kass jameskass at code2001.com
Mon Jan 4 12:03:37 CST 2021

On 2021-01-04 5:17 PM, Daniel Bunčić via Unicode wrote:
> Dear list members,
> I have written a draft for a proposal to add an important letter found
> in many Old Polish texts, which I think needs and deserves its own
> Unicode position.  The draft can be accessed from
> https://github.com/jsbien/unicode4polish/blob/master/uninasal.pdf.  I
> would like to submit it next week and would be very happy to receive
> some feedback from Unicode experts.
> Thanks a lot and best wishes,
> Daniel
The proposal itself looks good.  It’s well documented with adequate 

But the practice of issuing fonts with glyphs already mapped to proposed 
characters should be discouraged.  There is no guarantee that the 
requested code points will be the eventual destination of new 
characters.  Which means that data prepared using fonts and input 
methods based on reserved characters might well need to be revised after 
the fact.

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