Best character to use for the «bolaspa» sign in Spanish

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Sat Feb 6 16:45:21 CST 2021

Mr. Sanhuza:

Please upload an image of the /bolaspa/ in use on a printed page. I can't really try 
to answer your question without one having never seen one before.⎄

Fred Brennan

On Saturday, February 6, 2021 5:32:29 PM EST Andrés Sanhueza via Unicode 
> The RAE (The Royal Spanish Academy of the Language, an entity from Spain
> that tries to regulate the correct use of the Spanish language) uses a
> punctuation sign named «bolaspa» (an X inside a circle, like ⊗) to precede
> examples of an incorrect expression in the language, something like, for
> example:
> Some people don't like to use double negatives, so saying something like
> > ⊗«we don't need no education» is seen as wrong. Using either «we don't
> > need
> > education» or «we need no education» is better.
> The RAE also uses an asterisk (*) for the same on occasion. Unlike the
> asterisk, the bolaspa is not really regular Spanish and I only remember
> having seen it on dissemination texts about the language that the RAE makes
> or similar. There are various similar characters on unicode and at least
> one of them are intended for mathematical usage, and while I know that
> *most* of the characters are encoded in relation for the shape itself
> rather than the meaning or glyph, I still don't know if ANY similar looking
> character will accomplish that function instinctively, so ask which do you
> think is the best character to use as a punctuation sign in text.
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