Best character to use for the «bolaspa» sign in Spanish

Andrés Sanhueza peroyomaslists at
Sat Feb 6 16:32:29 CST 2021

The RAE (The Royal Spanish Academy of the Language, an entity from Spain
that tries to regulate the correct use of the Spanish language) uses a
punctuation sign named «bolaspa» (an X inside a circle, like ⊗) to precede
examples of an incorrect expression in the language, something like, for

Some people don't like to use double negatives, so saying something like
> ⊗«we don't need no education» is seen as wrong. Using either «we don't need
> education» or «we need no education» is better.

The RAE also uses an asterisk (*) for the same on occasion. Unlike the
asterisk, the bolaspa is not really regular Spanish and I only remember
having seen it on dissemination texts about the language that the RAE makes
or similar. There are various similar characters on unicode and at least
one of them are intended for mathematical usage, and while I know that
*most* of the characters are encoded in relation for the shape itself
rather than the meaning or glyph, I still don't know if ANY similar looking
character will accomplish that function instinctively, so ask which do you
think is the best character to use as a punctuation sign in text.
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