Is Devanagari ल्लाँ ambiguous?

Richard Wordingham richard.wordingham at
Wed May 6 04:46:29 CDT 2020

On Tue, 5 May 2020 22:57:14 +0000
Andrew Glass <Andrew.Glass at> wrote:

> As a single cluster with candrabindu applied to the first l:
> 0932 094D 0901 0932 094B
> ल्ँलो
> This cluster is supported in Nirmala UI: [A drawing of a face
> Description automatically generated]

Just to check, is the formation of the conjunct done within the cluster
shaping or after the dissolution of the cluster boundaries?  This font
seems to have been carefully designed so that a candrabindu within the
consonant stack forces half-forms, an approach which prevents the
vertical stacking seen in the example from Whitney, but prevents
candrabindu on a consonant being rendered the same as
candrabindu on a vowel.  (I tested the behaviour with the
consonant stacks t.ra and t.ta, where Sanskrit doesn't permit
candrabindu on the first character.)


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