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 |Doug Ewell via Unicode wrote in
 ||Steffen Nurpmeso wrote:
 ||> The Mail Archive also mirrors/ed Unicode at
 ||> But it stops in April?  I surely got Unicode messages thereafter,
 ||> has it been actively unsubscribed?
 ||I suggest, in all seriousness, that Ken or Rick or somebody compose \
 ||a detailed FAQ about the Great Server Crash of 2020, something to which \
 ||we can point curious people instead of pointing them to the new archive \
 ||to hunt for clues. (Yes, there is a new archive: https://corp.unicode.or\
 |I surely can understand if an archive requires a login, looking at
 |my own tiny mailing-lists and the (spam) traffic that hits them.
 |It actully makes me even more thankful to be able to use those
 |wonderful public services like Gmane / Gmene / mail-archive which
 |also i use for many years.
 |Some subscribers seem to have been lost, or maybe they reject
 |.. but no, the list address is still the same and these services
 |subscribe and then just stay.  Maybe, nonetheless i mean, the
 | server address?  I will ask the mail-archive
 |people about that, but i am not in the position to fill in the
 |missing messages, i do not archivy anything i receive.

I have also asked whether it is because of corpse.unicode server


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