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Doug Ewell doug at
Sun Jul 19 16:20:01 CDT 2020

Steffen Nurpmeso wrote:

> The Mail Archive also mirrors/ed Unicode at
> But it stops in April?  I surely got Unicode messages thereafter,
> has it been actively unsubscribed?

I suggest, in all seriousness, that Ken or Rick or somebody compose a detailed FAQ about the Great Server Crash of 2020, something to which we can point curious people instead of pointing them to the new archive to hunt for clues. (Yes, there is a new archive:

Currently the only item on the web site about the Great Crash, other than the mail archive, is this quick note, written before the full scope of loss was known:

I was pretty sure someone had posted a lengthy, detailed description of what happened, but if it was on the mailing list I can't find it now, which is kind of my point.

Especially with the rollout of the new Unicode home page and the relegation of most non-marketing material to a "Technical Site," which occurred not very long before the Great Crash, it may be reasonable for some to assume (incorrectly) that changes to the mail archives or the loss of previously available material via FTP might have been caused by those intentional changes instead of the Great Crash.

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