Will TAGALOG LETTER RA, currently in the pipeline, be in the next version of Unicode?

Rebecca Bettencourt via Unicode unicode at unicode.org
Fri Oct 11 17:28:01 CDT 2019

> 3. Even when 13 comes out, fonts won't be immediately and magically
> updated to include them.

In this case, though, several fonts actually already include TAGALOG LETTER
RA. :)

"This spot, U+170D, has become a *de facto* standard among *baybayin*
writers in the Philippines and the Filipino diaspora. Several modern fonts,
including the one that appears on Philippine currency to write the word
*Pilipino*, use U+170D as a ‘ra’. (See §0.13) Software, if it can output
['ra'], uses U+170D. (See §0.14) Documents online, if they include ['ra'],
most often have it encoded as U+170D." (L2/19-258R, page 6)

This proposal was special in that it was asking the Unicode Consortium to
recognize a character that was already being used unofficially, so that
organizations like the Google Noto team who are sticklers for Unicode
compliance would include it. :)
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