Rendering Sanskrit Medial Sequences -vy- and -ry- in Myanmar

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Hi Vinodh,

The order of medials in Myanmar clusters is constrained by UTN #11<>. So yes, you do need to follow the preferred order for Myanmar even if the sequence does not match phonetic order.

Is it the case the representation is  ဒျွ ဒျြ matches the visual output you were expecting?



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Subject: Rendering Sanskrit Medial Sequences -vy- and -ry- in Myanmar


I was wondering how to encode the Sanskrit medial sequences -vy - and -ry- in Myanmar as they occur in Sanskrit syllables such as dvya and trya regularly.

I tried to encode the above as ဒွျ (Cons U+103D U+103B) and ဒြျ (Cons U+103C U+103B) but all rendering engines insert a dotted circle before the medial YA.

Interestingly, reversing the order of the medials seem to work: ဒျွ ဒျြ

Am I supposed to invert the order of the medials to render them appropriately? Is this the correct way to represent them in Unicode?


Vinodh Rajan

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