Rendering Sanskrit Medial Sequences -vy- and -ry- in Myanmar

Vinodh Rajan via Unicode unicode at
Tue Aug 20 17:29:27 CDT 2019


I was wondering how to encode the Sanskrit medial sequences -vy - and -ry-
in Myanmar as they occur in Sanskrit syllables such as dvya and trya

I tried to encode the above as ဒွျ (Cons U+103D U+103B) and ဒြျ (Cons
U+103C U+103B) but all rendering engines insert a dotted circle before the
medial YA.

Interestingly, reversing the order of the medials seem to work: ဒျွ ဒျြ

Am I supposed to invert the order of the medials to render them
appropriately? Is this the correct way to represent them in Unicode?


Vinodh Rajan

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