UCD in XML or in CSV? (is: UCD in YAML)

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Fri Sep 7 12:55:43 CDT 2018

Le jeu. 6 sept. 2018 à 19:11, Doug Ewell via Unicode <unicode at unicode.org>
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> Marcel Schneider wrote:
> > BTW what I conjectured about the role of line breaks is true for CSV
> > too, and any file downloaded from UCD on a semicolon separator basis
> > becomes unusable when displayed straight in the built-in text editor
> > of Windows, given Unicode uses Unix EOL.
> It's been well known for decades that Windows Notepad doesn't display
> LF-terminated text files correctly. The solution is to use almost any
> other editor. Notepad++ is free and a great alternative, but there are
> plenty of others (no editor wars, please).

This has changed recently in Windows 10, where the builtin Notepad app now
parses text files using LF only correctly (you can edit and save using the
same convention for newlines, which is now autodetected; Notepad still
creates new files using CRLF and saves them after edit using CRLF).

Notepad now displays the newline convention in the status bar as "Windows
(CRLF)" or "Unix (LF)" (like Notepad++), just before the line/column
counters. There's still no preference interface to specify the default
convention: CRLF is still the the default for new files.

And no way to switch the convention before saving. In Notepad++ you do that
with menu "Edit" > "Convert newlines" and select one of "Convert to Windows
(CR+LF)", "Convert to Unix (LF)" or "Convert to Mac (CR)"
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