UCD in XML or in CSV? (is: UCD in YAML)

Marcel Schneider via Unicode unicode at unicode.org
Thu Sep 6 22:50:56 CDT 2018

On 06/09/18 19:09 Doug Ewell via Unicode wrote:
> Marcel Schneider wrote:
> > BTW what I conjectured about the role of line breaks is true for CSV
> > too, and any file downloaded from UCD on a semicolon separator basis
> > becomes unusable when displayed straight in the built-in text editor
> > of Windows, given Unicode uses Unix EOL.
> It's been well known for decades that Windows Notepad doesn't display
> LF-terminated text files correctly. The solution is to use almost any
> other editor. Notepad++ is free and a great alternative, but there are
> plenty of others (no editor wars, please).
> The RFC Editor site explains why it provides PDF versions of every RFC,
> nearly all of which are plain text:
> "The primary version of every RFC is encoded as an ASCII text file,
> which was once the lingua franca of the computer world. However, users
> of Microsoft Windows often have difficulty displaying vanilla ASCII text
> files with the correct pagination."
> which similarly assumes that "users of Microsoft Windows" have only
> Notepad at their disposal.

Thank you, I’ve got the point.

I’m taking this opportunity to apologize and disclaim for this post of mine:


where I was not joking, but completely out of matter, unable to make sense 
of the "Unicode Digest" subject line, that refers to a mail engine feature and 
remained unchanged due to limited editing capabilities in a cellphone mailer.
Likewise "unicode-request at unicode.org" is used by the engine for that purpose.

My apologies to Doug Ewell, and thanks for your kind reply taking the pain 
while having limited access to e-mail.

Best regards,


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