Keyboard layouts and CLDR (was: Re: 0027, 02BC, 2019, or a new character?)

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> This pattern exists across the board at the two companies; the Windows API
> hasn’t changed all that much since Windows NT 4/95, whereas Apple has
> basically thrown away all the work it did up to Mac OS 9 and is a lot more
> aggressive about deprecating and removing functionality even in Mac OS
> X/macOS than Microsoft ever was.

I'm not really clear on all the Windows details, as a long time Linux
programmer, but Mac OS X (2001) was 16 years ago and Windows 95 (1995) is
22, so not much difference even taking your numbers. The .NET framework
debuted in 2002, and the Universal Windows Platform debuted with Windows 8
in 2012, so Microsoft has made some pretty large changes since NT 4. They
do seem to more focused on keeping backwards compatibility layers, but it's
not that they've been not "prepared to make radical changes".
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