0027, 02BC, 2019, or a new character?

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On 01/24/2018 09:29 PM, Shriramana Sharma via Unicode wrote:
> On 24-Jan-2018 00:25, "Doug Ewell via Unicode" <unicode at unicode.org 
> <mailto:unicode at unicode.org>> wrote:
>     I think it's so cute that some of us think we can advise Nazarbayev on
>     whether to use straight or curly apostrophes or accents or x's or
>     whatever. Like he would listen to a bunch of Western technocrats.
> Sir why this assumption that everyone here is "western"? I'm situated 
> at an even more eastern longitude than Kazakhstan.
It hardly matters. As the intent here is to comment on Nazarbayev's 
putative view of these discussions, it's quite likely he would write the 
whole lot of us off as "Western technocrats" no matter what our longitudes.

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