0027, 02BC, 2019, or a new character?

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(bottle, east, skier, crucial, cherry)
s'i's'a, s'yg'ys, s'an'g'ys'y, s'es'u's'i, s'i'i'e
sxixsxa, sxygxys, sxanxgxysxy, sxesxuxsxi, sxixixe
s̈ïs̈a, s̈yg̈ys, s̈an̈g̈ys̈y, s̈es̈üs̈i, s̈ïïe
śíśa, śyǵys, śańǵyśy, śeśúśi, śííe

Last one most readable of the lot IMO and it's close enough to the
apostrophe option. IIANM the apostrophe is used as a dead key for the acute
accent in some common international keyboard layouts already?

I retract my earlier statement about digraphs probably being the best
option. It was made without looking at the actual requirement. For such
heavy usage, it would simply make things horrible.

Acute accent for the win! ��
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