0027, 02BC, 2019, or a new character?

James Kass via Unicode unicode at unicode.org
Mon Jan 22 22:31:57 CST 2018

Martin J. Dürst wrote,

> ... One way to avoid confusion is to use one specific
> letter only as the second letter in digraphs. With the current orthography,
> they don't use w and x, so they could use one of these. But personally, I'd
> find accents more visually pleasing.

Me too:

(bottle, east, skier, crucial, cherry)
s'i's'a, s'yg'ys, s'an'g'ys'y, s'es'u's'i, s'i'i'e
sxixsxa, sxygxys, sxanxgxysxy, sxesxuxsxi, sxixixe
s̈ïs̈a, s̈yg̈ys, s̈an̈g̈ys̈y, s̈es̈üs̈i, s̈ïïe
śíśa, śyǵys, śańǵyśy, śeśúśi, śííe

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