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Mon Jan 22 10:39:57 CST 2018

I continue my endeavours to get Unicode and Internationalisation into/onto (I am not sure which is correct) University and School Curricula. Here is another of my endeavours��

Yesterday, I drafted a final year student project specification for the 2018/2019 academic year. These projects will start in October but students will be choosing their project some time around June. The project involves producing a set of internationalised Computer Science exercises for both educators and students. Details at<>

I am confident that more than one student will choose this project.

By way of example, one programming challenge I set to students a couple of weeks ago involves diacritics. Please see<>

There is huge potential for some really interesting and challenging Unicode exercises. If you have any suggestions for such exercises they would be most welcome. Email me direct or share on this list.


André Schappo

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