Internationalised Computer Science Exercises

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Mon Jan 22 11:55:16 CST 2018

Le 22/01/2018 à 17:39, Andre Schappo via Unicode a écrit :
> By way of example, one programming challenge I set to students a 
> couple of weeks ago involves diacritics. Please see 
> <>
> There is huge potential for some really interesting and challenging 
> Unicode exercises. If you have any suggestions for such exercises they 
> would be most welcome. Email me direct or share on this list.

A simple challenge is to write a function which localize numbers in a 
script having decimal digits or parse them (i.e. which have characters 
with property Numeric_Type=Decimal, as explained in §4.6 of the Unicode 
10 standard). The list of these scripts is specified in table 22-3. 
There is usually a most one set of digits/script (with the exception of 
Arabic, Myanmar and Tai Tham).

Then, of course, one can look at other numeral systems (CJK, Ethiopic, 
Roman, to name a few in contemporaneous use). The section 22.3 of the 
Unicode standard is an interesting starting point for these.

A internationalised exercise which doesn’t (always) use unicode is the 
localization of separators in numbers: 2¹⁰+π = 1,027.14 in US and 1 
027,14 in France. One also should not forget that half a million is 
5,00,000 in India. These simple things can be very surprising the first 
time you meet them.


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