SignWriting in U+40000 block

Doug Ewell via Unicode unicode at
Mon Jan 22 10:28:58 CST 2018

The IETF is noting the progress of an updated draft:

Formal SignWriting

which continues to describe an implementation of SignWriting in the
as-yet unassigned Plane 4, including a detailed breakdown of blocks for
different types of characters.

I know the struggle between Slevinski and Unicode is long and
contentious, with Slevinski arguing for years that the Unicode encoding
of SignWriting is useless because it doesn't encode position, and vowing
that no implementation (under his aegis) will ever use it).

Nevertheless, I wonder if it would be appropriate for Unicode or WG2, in
some capacity, to protest in some formal way against this recommendation
to arrogate an unassigned plane instead of using the PUA, which is the
correct place for unassigned characters.
Doug Ewell | Thornton, CO, US |

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