Unicode Emoji 11.0 characters now ready for adoption!

Christoph Päper via Unicode unicode at unicode.org
Wed Feb 28 07:22:32 CST 2018

announcements at unicode.org:
> The 157 new Emoji are now available for adoption 
> <http://unicode.org/consortium/adopt-a-character.html>,

But Unicode 11.0 (which all new emojis but Pirate Flag and Infinity rely upon) is not even in beta yet.

> There are approximately 7,000 living human languages, 
> but fewer than 100 of these languages are well-supported on computers, 
> mobile phones, and other devices. Adopt-a-character donations are used 
> to improve Unicode support for digitally disadvantaged languages, and to 
> help preserve the world’s linguistic heritage.

Why is the announcement mentioning those numbers of languages at all? 
The script coverage of written living human languages, except for constructed ones, is almost complete in Unicode and rendering for most of them is reasonably well supported by all modern operating systems (despite recently discovered bugs). Availability of translations or original material is another matter entirely. Languages that have no literal tradition are irrelevant to Unicode (but not to the world's linguistic heritage). 

In other words, no future update to the UCS will significantly change that 100 out of 7000 metric, but the announcement makes it sound like it would. CLDR may have some influence, but character adoptions and the research grants they enable are not at all associated with that.

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