metric for block coverage

James Kass via Unicode unicode at
Sun Feb 18 04:14:46 CST 2018

Adam Borowski wrote,

> I'm looking for a way to determine a font's coverage of available scripts.
> It's probably reasonable to do this per Unicode block.  Also, it's a safe
> assumption that a font which doesn't know a codepoint can do no complex
> shaping of such a glyph, thus looking at just codepoints should be adequate
> for our purposes.

You probably already know that basic script coverage information is
stored internally in OpenType fonts in the OS/2 table.

Parsing the bits in the "ulUnicodeRange..." entries may be the
simplest way to get basic script coverage info.

OpenType fonts also include script coverage information in the
OpenType tables.  A font with an OpenType table for a script would be
likely to have at least some complex script shaping abilities for that

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