Why so much emoji nonsense?

James Kass via Unicode unicode at unicode.org
Thu Feb 15 18:16:23 CST 2018

Philippe Verdy wrote,

>>> And it's in the mission of Unicode, IMHO, to promote litteracy
>> Um, no. And not even literacy, either. ;-)
> Oh well the 1 to 2 T is a minor English typo (there's 2 T in French for the
> similar word family, sorry).
> But I included "IMHO", which means that even if it's not official, it has
> been the motivating reason why various members joined the project ...

In this case the punctuation emoticon tacked onto Ken's message
apparently did little to diminish the sting of his correcting both
your spelling and your opinion.

Unicode's stated mission is more along the lines of ensuring that
computer text can be universally interchanged in a standard fashion.
As a tool, Unicode can be used to promote either literacy or
illiteracy.  It can be used to exchange messages of joy and love, or
hatred and despair.

I completely agree that promoting literacy and preserving texts has
been a motivating factor for many people supporting the project.

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