Why so much emoji nonsense?

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Thu Feb 15 16:24:18 CST 2018

2018-02-15 22:38 GMT+01:00 Shawn Steele via Unicode <unicode at unicode.org>:

> I don't find emoji to necessarily be a "post-literate" thing.  Just a
> different way of communicating.  I have also seen them used in a
> "pre-literate" fashion.  Helping people that were struggling to learn to
> read get past the initial difficulties they were having on their way to
> becoming more literate.

If you just look at how more and more people "communicate" today on the
Internet, it's only by video, most of them of poor quality and actually no
graphic value at all where a single photo of the speaker on his profile
would be enough. So the web is overwhelmed now by poor videos just
containing speech, with very low value.

But the worse is that this fabulous collection is almost impossible to
qualify, sort, organize, it is not reusable, almost not transmissible
(except on the social network where they are posted and where they'll soon
disappear because there's simply no way to build efficient archives that
would be usable in some near future: just a haystack where even the
precious gold needles are extremely difficult to find.

If people don't know how to read and cannot reuse the content and transmit
it, they become just consumers and in fact less and less productors or
creators of contents. Just look at opinions under videos, most of them are
just "thumbs up", "like", "+1", barely counted only, unqualifiable (there's
not even a thumb down). Even these terms are avoided on the interface and
you just see an icon for the counter: do you have something to learn when
seeing these icons?

I fear that those in the near futuyre that won't be able to read and will
only be able to listen the medias produced by others, will not even be able
to make any judgement, and then will be easily manipulated.

And it's in the mission of Unicode, IMHO, to promote litteracy because it
is necessary for preserving, transmitting, and expanding the cultures, as
well as reconciliate peopel with sciences instead of just following the
voice of new gurus only because they look "fun".
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