Thoughts on working with the Emoji Subcommittee (was Re: Thoughts on Emoji Selection Process)

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Thu Aug 23 20:43:39 CDT 2018

I think Blissymbols could be a separate, well-defined script in Unicode
because they are already more or less well defined by their respective
groups. This community of interest can lobby for these implementations as a
whole instead of multiple individuals separately.

Emoji were born in quite a different way and are in no way as well defined
as Blissymbols are for example. There is no self-governing forum of people
to discuss the future of emoji and forthcoming additions. Obviously,
because they gained international attention just as they were added to
Unicode-Standard but also maybe because "working with the Emoji
Subcommittee" is rather hard.

The conversation about Blissymbols made me think about a solution on how to
solve the current communication problem, although it might be a bit radical:
Why not remove the authority to propose new emojis from the ESC and give it
to a dedicated, public Emoji-Community. Such a community could formulate
additional guidelines for upcoming emojis, draft roadmaps and send a
quarterly proposal to the ESC for individual approval. Unicode Members
could still express ideas and exercise power through participating in the
community and appointing people to the ESC.

[image: diagram.png]

This change would remove pressure and workload from the ESC while retaining
most of the control, especially the last word, but the Emoji-Standart would
benefit from a dedicated community.

I'm just putting this out there. What are your thoughts on this? Do you
think this is unreasonable, or achievable?

Julian ��

On Tue, Aug 21, 2018 at 3:25 PM James Kass via Unicode <unicode at>

> Rebecca Bettencourt wrote,
> > Why don't we just get Blissymbolics encoded as it is?
> The Pipeline still has the Everson proposal from 1998, but Blissymbols
> are still in the Pipeline.
> Scripts Encoding Initiative
> ( )
>  page,
> shows Blissymbols and links the same proposal.
> Blissymbolics Communication International,
> will likely produce the next proposal.
> Both Scripts Encoding Initiative and Blissymbolics Communication
> International depend upon funding.
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