Is the Editor's Draft public?

Ken Whistler via Unicode unicode at
Fri Apr 20 10:36:45 CDT 2018


There is no formal concept of a public "Editor's Draft" for the Unicode 
core specification. This is mostly the result of the tools used for 
editing the core specification, which is still structured more like a 
book than the usual online internet specification.

Currently the Unicode editors are finishing up the 11.0 core 
specification editing -- and the chapters for that will be available in 
June, 2018, as noted on the current draft of the Unicode 11.0 page. 
There is no Version 12.0 "Editor's Draft" right now; instead, work on 
the 12.0 core specification will start once the 11.0 chapters have been 
frozen and published.

If you have feedback on the core specification, the best thing to do is 
simply to submit it now as part of the current 11.0 beta review, 
referring to the published 10.0 core specification text. If it is a 
small item, such as a typo, there is always the possibility that it has 
already been reported and fixed, of course -- but it won't hurt to 
report and check. Suggestions for larger changes in the text will be 
added to the pile for future consideration by the UTC and the editors, 
and likely would be taken up for the 12.0 core specification.


On 4/20/2018 3:14 AM, Henri Sivonen via Unicode wrote:
> Thank you. I checked this review announcement (I should have said so
> in my email; sorry), but it leads me to
>  which says the chapters
> will be "Available June 2018". But even if the 11.0 chapters were
> available, I'd expect there to exist an Editor's Draft that's now in a
> post-11.0 but pre-12.0 state.
> I guess I should just send my comments and take the risk of my
> concerns already having been addressed.

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