The Hebrew Extended (Proposed) Block

Philippe Verdy verdy_p at
Wed May 11 08:01:09 CDT 2016

Si this assignent does not respect the default rtl property of the range.
It would not be a probleme for combining characters, but for LTR base
letters in Malayalam this is a major problem...
Induc scripts are already complexe enough without this additional
incompatibility which will act against experimentations and effective use

The UTC should reconsider its beta allocation before the approval by ISO.

The SMP is not a problem, and there are already several Indic scripts in
the smp, that also  borrows some devanagari non-letter signs such as
punctuation without reencoding them.

We'll also have Latin extensions in the smp, just like there are
ideographic extensions outsider the BMP.

It's more important to preserve the default properties for compatibility.
Le 11 mai 2016 02:13, "Robert Wheelock" <rwhlk142 at> a écrit :

> Hello again, y’all!
> ¡BAD NEWS! (CRUCIALLY IMPORTANT):  The Unicode Consortium has assigned
> OTHER characters into the U+00860-U+008FF areas in the BMP of
> Unicode—Malayalam extended additional characters for Garshuni, and more
> additional Arabic characters.
> We’ll need to find a DIFFERENT subblock to plant down our Hebrew extended
> characters...  either somewhere ELSE within the BMP, *or* somewhere
> within either SMP areas 1 or 2.
> It’ll be the same arrangement originally planned for the U+00860 area—but
> relocated and expanded upon!
> ·Additional characters for correct typesetting of Hebrew
> ·Hebrew Palestinian vowel and pronunciation points
> ·The small superscript signs *śin* and *shin* for the letter *shin*
> ·Hebrew Palestinian cantillation
> ·Hebrew Babylonian vowel and pronunciation points
> ·Hebrew Babylonian cantillation
> ·Hebrew Samaritan vowel and pronunciation points
> ·Additional Hebrew characters for other Jewish languages
> A new TXT listing of this subblock (with the new CORRECT location) will be
> forthcoming.  STAY TUNED!
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