The Hebrew Extended (Proposed) Block

Markus Scherer at
Tue May 10 22:34:05 CDT 2016

It seems like 08xx is reserved for RTL scripts.

# The unassigned code points that default to R are in the ranges:
#     [\u0590-\u05FF *\u07C0-\u089F* \uFB1D-\uFB4F
\U00010800-\U00010FFF \U0001E800-\U0001EDFF \U0001EF00-\U0001EFFF]
08 Samaritan <> Mandaic
<> (SyrSup)
<> ??? ??? ??? Arabic
Extended-A <>

00010800-00010FFF Alphabetic and syllabic RTL scripts

0001E800-0001EFFF RTL scripts

   - Color highlighting is used to indicate blocks and unassigned ranges
   which default to right-to-left character behavior.

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