The Hebrew Extended (Proposed) Block

Doug Ewell doug at
Wed May 11 09:40:41 CDT 2016

Robert Wheelock wrote:

> ¡BAD NEWS! (CRUCIALLY IMPORTANT): The Unicode Consortium has assigned
> OTHER characters into the U+00860-U+008FF areas in the BMP of
> Unicode—Malayalam extended additional characters for Garshuni, and
> more additional Arabic characters.

Philippe Verdy replied:

> Si this assignent does not respect the default rtl property of the
> range. It would not be a probleme for combining characters, but for
> LTR base letters in Malayalam this is a major problem...

The characters proposed for U+0860 through U+086A are Syriac letters
used for writing the Malayalam language. Pandey's proposal suggests they
should have General Category AL, like other Syriac letters. There is no
conflict in assigning these to a range designated for RTL scripts.

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