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What is the scope of Unicode please?
Can it ever change?
If it can change, who makes the decision? For example, does it need an ISO decision at a level higher than the WG2 committee or can the WG2 committee do it if it so pleases?
How can a person apply for the scope of Unicode to become changed please?
I have been considering how to make progress with trying for my research to become implemented in a standardized manner.
I have been informed that a group of people have examined the document that I submitted and determined that it is out of scope for UTC.
As implementation of the research in a standardized manner, if it ever takes place, will need of necessity for two base characters to become encoded into Unicode, then I feel that I need to submit a new document that is either itself in scope for UTC; or requests changing the scope of Unicode, though maybe such a document would itself not be regarded as being in scope.
The thing is, I was not informed as to why my document was determined to be out of scope.
If I knew why, then maybe I could write a document that is in scope.
I am not expecting the Unicode Technical Committee to encode the two characters straight away.
It would be good just to get a document into the Unicode Document Register.
The best that I could achieve would be for the UTC to agree to keep the matter in escrow so that if I can persuade ISO to encode a plain paper list of words and code numbers and a plain paper list of preset sentences and code numbers, then UTC would encode the two base characters into plane 14 at that time so that the two plain paper lists could each be applied to produce a tagspace accessed by a plane 14 character.
If UTC were to decide that, or something approaching that, I would then be able to approach ISO with first draft proposals for the two plain paper lists, not comprehensive, more placeholder applications so as to try to get things started, saying to ISO that encoding into Unicode would become possible. The two placeholder plain paper first drafts could then be gradually altered, maybe completely altered, and augmented so as to be able to get things started, just like Unicode started small and has been extended over time.
So at the moment my first task is to try to produce a document that will be determined to be in scope so that it goes into the Unicode Document Register and each member of the Unicode Technical Committee has a chance to express an opinion at the meeting.
So, what is the scope of Unicode please?
William Overington
16 October 2015
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I have recently made significant progress with my research in communication through the language barrier. The capabilities are greatly improved.
On 7 October 2015 I submitted a document, hoping that it would become included in the Unicode Document Register.
I have been informed that a group of people have examined the document and determined that it is out of scope for UTC.
I am not seeking to question that decision.
As an independent researcher, not representing an organization, nor in fact employed by any organization at all, I am trying to get the system standardized as an international standard.
I feel that trying to produce first a widely-used system using a Private Use Area encoding is not a realistic practical goal and even if it were practical the result would be lots of legacy data. I feel that to become successful the system needs standardization and implementation to go forward together.
So what to do?
More generally, how are the format and the encoding of tagspaces to be carried out in the future?
The document is available on the web at the present time in two places.
There is a file available for download as an attachment in a forum post of 8 October 2015 in the High-Logic Gallery forum.
Adding a direct link to the post is not at present possible using the particular email system that I am using.
There is direct access in my family webspace.
In addition I have deposited the document at the British Library.
William Overington
10 October 2015
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