The scope of Unicode (from Re: How can my research become implemented in a standardized manner?)

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> What is the scope of Unicode please?

An accurate idea of the scope of Unicode is best found on this page:

> Can it ever change?

Even though Iʼm not in a position to write on behalf of the UTC, I can express my opinion that it would need a striving upset for the scope of Unicode to change.

> If it can change, who makes the decision? For example, does it need an ISO decision at a level higher than the WG2 committee or can the WG2 committee do it if it so pleases?

While delicately preserving respectful cooperation, Unicode has gained a thorough leadership in character encoding and process standardization engineering. And it is an autonomous consortium of powerful companies and renowned institutions.

> How can a person apply for the scope of Unicode to become changed please?

Individuals cannot apply for changes, but they can submit feedback, suggestions, and proposals, and they are granted free access to registers and archives, which all is already an enormous privilege. 

This is the more striking as several recent threads on this List pointed opposite practice at the other above invoked standards body.

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