How can my research become implemented in a standardized manner?

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Mon Oct 12 06:45:37 CDT 2015

This proposal is, in my opinion, similar to another discussion about giving
unicode character to food allergy symbol that happened few months ago on
this mailing list, which both idea want to use unicode characters to
overcome language barrier, just that that proposal were about those icon
while this one is about written text.If my memory is now working
perfectly(or you can read through the archive for the list), back then
people mentioned that to get something new into Unicode you need to first
make it into an international standard and make it being used. Therefore to
get a character into unicode traction is needed, and if you don't want PUA
then using markup languages is something that pop out of my mind that can
help develop those tractions. International standard does not necessarily
mean ISO standard. And for encoding that also depend on other sources, the
current system for flag would be dependent on update of operating system or
font file in operating system to reflect the change in software, and that
is if those system/font developers really update their files as soon as
source files being changed.
2015/10/12 16:38 "William_J_G Overington" <wjgo_10009 at>:

> > I believe using markup languages would be a better approach than getting
> some new character.
> Thank you for posting.
> That would make an interesting discussion, yet is off-topic for this
> thread.
> The topic for this thread is about the encoding process, not about the
> merits or otherwise of the particular encoding proposal.
> The flags tagspace was encoded by reference to an existing ISO standard.
> Yet if the tagspace for a new proposal needs to be defined and there is no
> existing ISO standard to which reference can be made, how is that tagspace
> to become defined, by what process, by which committee, already existing or
> new?
> Also, if the complete encoding depends on both of the encoding of a base
> character into Unicode and of the encoding of a tagspace, so that both
> items can be applied together by an end user, what is the infrastructure
> mechanism to be so the complete encoding can take place?
> William Overington
> 12 October 2015
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