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Wed Mar 18 12:14:35 CDT 2015

William_J_G Overington <wjgo underscore 10009 at btinternet dot com>

> Suppose that plane 4 were introduced with a rule that if a rendering
> system cannot find in a font a glyph for U+4PQRS then it first looks
> in the font for a glyph for U+4P000 before using the .notdef glyph. P,
> Q, R, S are here used as placeholders, each placeholding for a
> hexadecimal value in the range 0 .. 15. In the example, Q, R and S are
> not all simultaneously zero.
> This would allow for a graceful use of a generic glyph indicating the
> meaning and indicating that there is an underlying encoding that could
> be rendered using a font that supplies a correct glyph.


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