Fun open-ended coding puzzles

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Fun open-ended coding puzzles
The following post includes a link to a multi-colour "multi-do-not" 
glyph in Venice, the image from Venice being in Google Street View.
Using Unicode 8.0, is it possible to encode a plain text 
representation of that glyph, using a sequence of characters, some 
displayable and maybe including some joiners and possibly including one 
or more uses of the emoji variation selector?
If so, what is the most appropriate sequence of characters?
If not, what necessary character or characters is or are missing?
If one searches for Clos Lucé in
 then one can use Google Street View to look around in the grounds of 
the château where Leonardo da Vinci spent his last few years, the name 
of the château having changed since the time of Leonardo da Vinci.
There are various exhibits including a large banner amongst the trees showing an enlargement of part of the Mona Lisa.
What is the closest plain text Unicode 8.0 sequence to represent the exhibit, including at least two trees?
Readers are invited to post comments and additional fun open-ended coding puzzles.
William Overington
16 March 2015
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