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Wed Mar 18 14:06:15 CDT 2015

> Multiple glyphs for a single character, selectable by the font or the software is fine; we don't necessarily need codepoints for things that are to be considered the same character.
Well, the encoding needs to be of practical usefulness.
The only other way that I can at present think might be used is variation selectors and that might be quite complicated and limited to 255 variants at present and need specialist software to use. For completeness I am trying to find out how that could be done.
> (This begs the question of whether or not these count as "the same character" as proposed originally, or something else.)
Maybe the solution to that question is to regard it as a paradox and just submit a petition to the Unicode Technical Committee requesting encoding of the items each with an individual code point.
William Overington
18 March 2015
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