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- I use Windows 10 64bit
- & OS Inbuit Inscript Keyboard layout with Indic Languages.
- In MS Office, Gmail, Databases, etc. all applications, Hindi and other
Indic text is appearing with ASCII Numerals only.

- But in Coreldraw,
Indic Unicode text is appearing as raw encoded text without rendering any
conjuncts and matraa etc.
- text update button has to be used to display text with correct rendering,
and after update the Numerals are automatically changed to Indic Language's

- This is the process,  what coreldraw uses for displaying in rendering
Asian Scrips.
- It is required to use only ASCII (English) Numerals with Indic text in
India, as Govt. of India prefers to use only ASCII (English) Numerals with
all Indic scripts.

- This problem is also appears in placed or imported or copy-pasted text
from other applications.

- But coreldraw changes all Numerals to concerned Language Numerals.

- Global Find and Replace also does not work in Coreldraw. The "Find and
Replace all" feature is limited to one object/frame only.
So with Indic global find and replace the Numerals can not be converted
manually in ASCII Numerals. Everytime

Hot to set ASCII Numerals as default with Indic Scripts Coreldraw?


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On Sun, Jan 5, 2020 at 10:37 PM maxwell <maxwell at umiacs.umd.edu> wrote:

> I doubt that CorelDraw is handling this; more likely your operating
> system is providing a keyboard handler for Hindi.  And it is almost
> certainly outputting Unicode characters.
> In order for people to help, you need to say what operating system
> you're using (Windows 7, Windows 10, some version of Linux, some version
> of iOS), and what keyboard you have set up in the OS.  To find the
> keyboard in Windows, you would do something like opening the control
> panel (older versions of Windows) or the Settings panel (newer versions
> of Windows), and go to the keyboard setting.  While you're there, you
> might see if the keyboard program has a setting for outputting ASCII
> numerals rather than Devanagari ones, which would solve your problem.
> If not--or if you're using some other OS--then you could come back here
> with that additional information.
>     Mike Maxwell
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