how to set default English numerals with Indic text in Coreldraw

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Sun Jan 5 11:07:28 CST 2020

On 2020-01-03 19:36, हरिराम via Indic wrote:
> I am trying Hindi & Indic in Coreldraw.
> While using Nirmala UI font also, in Coreldraw 2019 version
> Indic numerals are appearing. (१२३४५६७८९०)
> How to set as default English Numerals with Indic text (1234567890) in
> Coreldraw?

I doubt that CorelDraw is handling this; more likely your operating 
system is providing a keyboard handler for Hindi.  And it is almost 
certainly outputting Unicode characters.

In order for people to help, you need to say what operating system 
you're using (Windows 7, Windows 10, some version of Linux, some version 
of iOS), and what keyboard you have set up in the OS.  To find the 
keyboard in Windows, you would do something like opening the control 
panel (older versions of Windows) or the Settings panel (newer versions 
of Windows), and go to the keyboard setting.  While you're there, you 
might see if the keyboard program has a setting for outputting ASCII 
numerals rather than Devanagari ones, which would solve your problem.  
If not--or if you're using some other OS--then you could come back here 
with that additional information.

    Mike Maxwell

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