Negative/Negation Sign

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Is superscript minus use for this?

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> Gabriel Tellez via Unicode wrote:
> > It’s not the minus sign tho. The calculator button might say (-) but
> > the calculator it self has a different symbol that basically a raised
> > minus sign.
> As in U+207B ⁻ SUPERSCRIPT MINUS? Or less raised than that?
> I've also heard of styles where U+2212 MINUS SIGN is used as the unary
> operactor and U+002D HYPHEN-MINUS (usually the shorter of the two) is
> used as the binary operator.
> Another codepoint that might be useful, if what you're really concerned
> about is converting to Unicode without loss of information (round-trip,
> essentially) is U+FE63 ﹣, which is actually called SMALL HYPHEN-MINUS,
> although it really exists so that Big5 and CNS 11643 round-trip. The
> rubric attached to Apple's Big5 mapping[1] actually describes the Big5
> character in question (0xA1DF) as one of a set of "alternate (centered)
> forms for paired punctuation; UTC table maps these to small forms",
> although to the best of my knowledge the Small Form Variants exist
> solely to round-trip the Big5 and CNS 11643 characters.
> [1]
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