Negative/Negation Sign

Harriet Riddle harjitmoe at
Fri Oct 28 15:08:17 CDT 2022

Gabriel Tellez via Unicode wrote:
> It’s not the minus sign tho. The calculator button might say (-) but 
> the calculator it self has a different symbol that basically a raised 
> minus sign.

As in U+207B ⁻ SUPERSCRIPT MINUS?  Or less raised than that?

I've also heard of styles where U+2212 MINUS SIGN is used as the unary 
operactor and U+002D HYPHEN-MINUS (usually the shorter of the two) is 
used as the binary operator.

Another codepoint that might be useful, if what you're really concerned 
about is converting to Unicode without loss of information (round-trip, 
essentially) is U+FE63 ﹣, which is actually called SMALL HYPHEN-MINUS, 
although it really exists so that Big5 and CNS 11643 round-trip.  The 
rubric attached to Apple's Big5 mapping[1] actually describes the Big5 
character in question (0xA1DF) as one of a set of "alternate (centered) 
forms for paired punctuation; UTC table maps these to small forms", 
although to the best of my knowledge the Small Form Variants exist 
solely to round-trip the Big5 and CNS 11643 characters.


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