Lucida Sans Unicode & Hebrew Hyphen Maqaf

James Kass jameskass at
Sat May 14 04:15:07 CDT 2022

According to the Wikipedia article on Lucida Sans Unicode, there are a 
couple of other well known bugs.  U+0332 and U+0333 both have display 
issues.  (V̲ V̳)

Apparently there have been no updates for this popular font since 1993, 
so Doug seems correct about the unlikelihood of these issues being 
addressed.  Of course, stranger things have happened...

On 2022-05-14 5:06 AM, Mark H. David via Unicode wrote:
> What, bugs cannot be fixed in fonts of a certain age?
>> On May 1, 2022, at 1:15 PM, Doug Ewell via Unicode <unicode at> wrote:
>> Lucida Sans Unicode version 5.01 is now 29 years old. I think it's unlikely we're going to see this issue addressed.

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